Why Earthlingorgeous?

It’s not the first time I got asked that, almost everyone I meet have that one particular question in mind "Why Earthlingorgeous?". The name will speak for itself I am an Earthling and I am gorgeous therefore, I am Earthlingorgeous (EG for short)! Plain and simple. Its common sense right, do I have to elaborate that?

DISCLOSURE/ WARNING: If you have a weak stomach or sensitive, I suggest you stop right now and find another blog to read and browse. This is all about me and my self worship. Bwahahahahahaha!
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Everyday Gorgeousness

Everyday I feel gorgeous and everyday there are gorgeous things around me that I can see and appreciate. I am sure all of you have gorgeous things, places, events in your everyday life. Awareness of the gorgeous things around you is a big part of feeling gorgeous.

I made this meme for everyone to enjoy so that you too, like me can feel Earthlingorgeous everyday.

If you posted anything gorgeous, place, person, things, events in your everyday life in your blog then go ahead and post your links here. Everyone is welcome! Let us all make everyday gorgeous and be like me Earthlingorgeous. Have Fun!

P.S. I would really appreciate if you put the image on your blog post or sidebar (link provided and there are different sizes too fit for your desire. Thanks again and have a gorgeous day!)

Leave a comment if you are going to play along :) I really love comments. Thank you so much! Cheers and Happy Blogging!

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Earthlingorgeousness Comes from Within

Earthlingorgeous, even without make-up!

If you don’t feel good about yourself, no matter what compliments you get, beauty products you use or surgery you go through, if you don’t feel Earthlingorgeous inside then it will show.

I took a self-esteem test, and boy it was accurate. I have 100 percent self-esteem. According to this test I have a very high self-esteem which is already obvious by now to everyone.

I definitely recognize my inner value and it shows in my personal life, relationships and career/school success. I do have a lot of patience and consider the acts of every one as a result of their own experiences and prejudices so I don’t judge immediately. But I am not a saint so I will express whatever I feel regardless if I hurt or not.

I exude confidence, which is very attractive, and believe enough in me to pursue things wholeheartedly.

“Such a healthy self-esteem allows you to "be yourself", handle stress effectively and maintain an overall sense of well-being. You should value and nurture this quality; it will get you far in life. Way to go!”

But really though no amount of test can ever attest to what I know about me. I am oozing with self-confidence. Most of all I know me so well, like I already described on the about me/who I am/ profile section and definition of Earthlingorgeous.

I am above and beyond, but most of all I am true to myself, I feel good therefore I look good. Nobody from outside you can make you feel more better about yourself.

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I Owe It To My Gorgeous Genes

Thirty-six years ago my mom and dad tied the knot in a fairy tale wedding. A couple years after, after practicing their mix. I was born.

Thanks for the gorgeous genes my parents bestowed upon me. It is true indeed that practice makes perfect! I am the youngest child and the most Earthlingorgeous of them all!

(Wow, that magazine is older than me and look at that it was just 65 cents!

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Earthlingorgeous Defined

Earthlingorgeous is a woman of great beauty, personality, honesty, and compassion. She is the most beautiful and nice person always an angel sent to show us how to be.

She is beyond fine. Earthlingorgeous is extremely elegant and breathtaking. A person with great physical attributes.

Earthlingorgeous is characterized by magnificence and virtuosic brilliance. She is wonderful and delightful.

She is beyond beautiful and above perfect. Earthlingorgeous is the equivalent to an angel. She is Earthlingorgeous.

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Conversations With A Narcissist

Narcissist, a self-centered, self-loving person!

A one-on-one interview of Wacky Loco (WL) with Earthlingorgeous (EG). (Inspired by the Fun and Games Q&A!)

WL: She’s so beautiful!
No, she’s very beautiful!!!
No, no, no, she’s mesmerizingly beautiful!!!
You can’t help going into a paroxysm of superlatives when you’re faced to face with, no doubt about, the most beautiful woman in the world.
I suspect that when heaven showered beauty and brains, she was first in line holding her umbrella upside down.
Simply put, she’s a great beauty and a great talent.
She’s Earthlingorgeous.
(On that note WL, started the Conversation)
You are oh-so beautiful. How do you preserve yourself?
EG: By embalming? (Breaks into laughter)

WL: Do you have any beauty regimen?
EG: No, I just take it easy but I burst out during PMS. Better out than in as Shrek always say.

WL: Any kind of Diet?
EG: I don’t actually diet per se. I just sweat everything playing with my daughter Tasha and loving my hunny Jeff.

WL: How does it feel being told everyday that you’re the most beautiful woman in the world?
EG: It feels great! I am not a hypocrite to say I don’t enjoy the attention and all the praise! But well I can’t blame them all for saying such because well they are just telling the truth right? I like the attention they are giving me but the one I love telling me I’m beautiful everyday is my love I always want him to keep seeing me as the most beautiful woman in the world!

WL: I agree. Have you always been so beautiful?
EG: No not really. I was an ugly duckling, I am a late bloomer. But I thank my parents for the good genes they have. It was only later on that I appreciated that I can be gorgeous.

WL: Ugly duckling? I can’t imagine.
EG: Oh yes I was. I was missing two front teeth when I was in grade school and my hair was kinky and I was so dark like a dark wood. My fashion sense, oh my god makes no sense at all! It’s out of this world! In high school, I was so skinny no curves and bumps so all the boys in high school don’t have their attention on me but towards my girlfriends who look older than their age because they already have breast and butts. They don’t look my way; they think I’m just a 4th grader! I attract the younger boys though! (Giggles like enjoying the trip back to memory lane)

I bet those boys feel sorry for not looking your way now huh?
EG: Oh yes they do! Now they all suffer! (Laughs hysterically!)

WL: I still can’t picture you ugly, but by the way you tell that story you must be very different the way I see you now. How did you become as gorgeous as you are now?
EG: I didn’t do anything outstanding really. No doctors or needles too. I hate needles; well I’m actually scared of them! But I guess if you are really beautiful it comes out naturally. You don’t have to work so hard for it.

WL: Being this stunningly beautiful as you are now, do you find it difficult to chase off men or boys for that matter?
EG: I don’t chase them off I intimidate them! Growing up surrounded by boys, I know how they think and how they play in general. But the way you deal with men/boys differs it depends on what type of man/boy you are dealing with. There are different approaches from different men, so different tactics to make them bug off.

WL: What is the raunchiest pick-up line you get?
EG: Hmmmmm… well there is this “Are you a model, maybe you wanna send me your portfolio?” And there is this “I’m new here, are you an actress here in the Philippines ‘coz certainly look like one?” and the mushy ones like “Am I dead? ‘Coz if I am I think I’m in heaven and I just saw an angel!”

Wow those were really cheesy, do you ever had indecent proposals?
EG: Yeah I did, I think all pretty women get one. You’ll get them often from dirty old men (DOM) or dirty old politicians (DOP) it’s disgusting. The way to turn them down is to remind them about their age and the difference between you them and Orlando Bloom! (Breaks into laughter)

Your boyfriend is so lucky. Does he know that?
EG: Yeah he is, he tells me everyday. I’m lucky to have him too because he is so patient and loving towards me. He can’t take the spotlight but said he loves to watch me catch the rays.

WL: Doesn’t he get jealous?
EG: He does. But you know men they don’t show it. His philosophy is that he can’t blame all those men because with a girlfriend like me if he will be jealous he wouldn’t do anything else but get jealous all the time so he stomps it off.

WL: He seems confident.
EG: Only because he knows me more than anyone else does. Being beautiful is a bonus. Like him being handsome is a bonus for me too. You see, a guy or a girl gets more or less handsome or pretty as you get to know him or her on the inside.

WL: Just to let you know you are already perfect the way you are but just for discussions sake if you were to replace a part of your body what would it be and why?
EG: Like you said I’m already perfect the way that I am so honestly there is not a thing about me I want change but if you’d insist maybe I would just like some additional inches to my height (whispers) because I’m so petite. But then again, I can cheat with a six inches stiletto can I? So basically not a thing I would change. Anyways, wishing I was taller was like wishing to be perfect right? Nobody is really perfect, I’m just right! (Laughs)

WL: What beauty tip can you give to all the women in the world so they can achieve beauty as divine as yours? In short, what makes you Earthlingorgeous!
EG: (Giggles) Well, all I can say is that nobody can be as beautiful as me! They could try but they can’t they just can’t! On the serious note, confidence is the key. You are only as beautiful as you feel you are, if you feel good about yourself and show everyone how proud you are about you it will reflect towards the others and they will see it. Everything starts within, you can’t give what you don’t have so I say love yourself first and love yourself well. In that way you can give more love to others too. Love is the key. Feel good, look good! I feel fabulous!

WRITERS NOTE: This blog was composed just for FUN, anyone who has a violent reaction on this conversation should post a comment or send a petition to the higher court (LOL) if you can't do any of the other then SHUT UP and FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE!)

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