Why Earthlingorgeous?

It’s not the first time I got asked that, almost everyone I meet have that one particular question in mind "Why Earthlingorgeous?". The name will speak for itself I am an Earthling and I am gorgeous therefore, I am Earthlingorgeous (EG for short)! Plain and simple. Its common sense right, do I have to elaborate that?

DISCLOSURE/ WARNING: If you have a weak stomach or sensitive, I suggest you stop right now and find another blog to read and browse. This is all about me and my self worship. Bwahahahahahaha!
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Earthlingorgeousness Comes from Within

Earthlingorgeous, even without make-up!

If you don’t feel good about yourself, no matter what compliments you get, beauty products you use or surgery you go through, if you don’t feel Earthlingorgeous inside then it will show.

I took a self-esteem test, and boy it was accurate. I have 100 percent self-esteem. According to this test I have a very high self-esteem which is already obvious by now to everyone.

I definitely recognize my inner value and it shows in my personal life, relationships and career/school success. I do have a lot of patience and consider the acts of every one as a result of their own experiences and prejudices so I don’t judge immediately. But I am not a saint so I will express whatever I feel regardless if I hurt or not.

I exude confidence, which is very attractive, and believe enough in me to pursue things wholeheartedly.

“Such a healthy self-esteem allows you to "be yourself", handle stress effectively and maintain an overall sense of well-being. You should value and nurture this quality; it will get you far in life. Way to go!”

But really though no amount of test can ever attest to what I know about me. I am oozing with self-confidence. Most of all I know me so well, like I already described on the about me/who I am/ profile section and definition of Earthlingorgeous.

I am above and beyond, but most of all I am true to myself, I feel good therefore I look good. Nobody from outside you can make you feel more better about yourself.


Michelle said...

I really like what you said about self-esteem coming from within. This is something so many people just don't get! They look to others to provide it for them and it will never, ever work. Please write a post on how you stay at 100% all the time, or if you fluctuate how you pull yourself up? I would love to hear some ideas as I know many others would too! Thanks or submitting!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Thanks for the link. God bless.