Why Earthlingorgeous?

It’s not the first time I got asked that, almost everyone I meet have that one particular question in mind "Why Earthlingorgeous?". The name will speak for itself I am an Earthling and I am gorgeous therefore, I am Earthlingorgeous (EG for short)! Plain and simple. Its common sense right, do I have to elaborate that?

DISCLOSURE/ WARNING: If you have a weak stomach or sensitive, I suggest you stop right now and find another blog to read and browse. This is all about me and my self worship. Bwahahahahahaha!
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I Owe It To My Gorgeous Genes

Thirty-six years ago my mom and dad tied the knot in a fairy tale wedding. A couple years after, after practicing their mix. I was born.

Thanks for the gorgeous genes my parents bestowed upon me. It is true indeed that practice makes perfect! I am the youngest child and the most Earthlingorgeous of them all!

(Wow, that magazine is older than me and look at that it was just 65 cents!

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Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Thanks for the link. You're really gorgeous. God bless.